Property Administrators, Graduates in Law and Business Administration and Management.

As professionals in the community of owners administration sector in the Region of Murcia, our team, with extensive experience in the sector, proposes carry out transparent management and constant communication with those interested.

This is our way of understanding job well done. We want to be part of the day-to-day life of the communities, managing each matter with complete clarity and transparency. We are a young and dynamic team that seeks to renew the way of working in this sector.

Among the most discussed issues in Community Management, we find:

Management of Payments and Collections of receipts

(monthly receipts, extraordinary budgets…). In the event of any incident, we deal with the person directly involved.


Supervision of Preventive Maintenance Tasks

In order to verify the correct resolution of any anomaly.

Claims Management and Control

If this occurs, we mediate with the insurer until we obtain compensation or complete settlement of possible damages.


Supplier Study

We look for options until we find the most advantageous one (estimates for maintenance, concierge service...) Always being the owners who have the last word.


Personnel Management and Control

We carry out the management and control of personnel involved in the community (management of casualties, contracts, payroll according to agreement...).

Control and Payment

We will carry out a control and execution of the payments of all the obligations that the Community presents.

Custody of the Minutes Book as well as the Statutes


Execution and Supervision

We will carry out and supervise the agreements reached in the meetings.

Call and Attendance of Meetings

We take care of calling and attending the meetings held, both ordinary and extraordinary, which entails the drafting of the minutes with the agreements reached and the responsibility of each owner.


Budget preparation

Preparation of an annual budget, as well as the annual settlement of accounts.


Income and Expense Reports

Preparation of reports with the expenses and income that have occurred in the community.


Direct contact with the Public Administration, search for subsidies...


Continuous monitoring and visits to the Community.

We know what your Community needs.

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Within our services we also include:

TO) Ensure the good regime of the building, its facilities and services, attend to the adequate conservation of the common elements, arranging for ordinary repairs and, in terms of extraordinary ones, adopting urgent measures giving immediate notice to the owners.

B) Prepare well in advance to submit the execution of the previous year's budget for the Board's approval, contemplating the budgeted and actual expenditure and, where appropriate, the deviation, so that accounting becomes an effective instrument for the decision-making by the Community in the elaboration of the budget of predictable expenses, proposing the necessary means and the distribution among the owners in the manner provided in the Law and Statutes of the community.
The preparation and collection of monthly receipts for common expenses and, where appropriate, spills corresponding to each owner, communication to the owners of incidents that may arise with their domiciled receipts (errors, returns, etc.), and written requirement in delinquency assumptions; information to the president in such cases so that the measures that correspond in each case can be adopted for the effective collection of the same and the control of delinquency.

C) Act as Secretary, guarding the documentation of the Community. 


D) Summons and summons to co-owners to hold Meetings, drafting of the Meeting minutes documenting the agreements and distribution thereof among the co-owners. 


AND) Free legal advice to the community. Said advice includes verbal consultations on issues related to the community, as well as information to the owners of new legislation that may affect the life of the community. Extrajudicial claim and, where appropriate, judicial, of community fees in case of delinquency. 


We comprehensively manage your Community, with the greatest efficiency and with the aim of managing and saving all your current expenses.


We inform all owners of our services and comply with all our commitments under detailed contract.


Property Administrators Graduates in Law and Business Administration and Management.

Note that:

With our company, you will not need to resort to other professionals to carry out various procedures, such as subsidies and/or aid, various administrative procedures, etc., which sometimes happens. Neither will you find yourself uninformed regarding all those accounting concepts presented, which you would like to be clear and detailed (referring to invoices, commissioned budgets and entrusted procedures), all of this so susceptible to controversy among the owners. We publish all kinds of documentation to guarantee transparency.